Love beyond life

Film, Largometraje

The Memory of Water

Film, Largometraje

Black Diamonds

The shocking story of child trafficking in football. Don't you know it?

Film, Largometraje

The Last Flight of the Flamingo

Death, mystery and seduction in the wild Mozambique.

Film, Largometraje


Close the blinds. Turn off the lights. Are you ready to enter Ombra?

TV Series, Web-serie


What lies behind a perfect body?



One rainy afternoon, Ophelia wanders the streets looking for her cat. Or perhaps is she running from someone?

Cortometraje, Short film

European Union

A story of encounters, coincidences and obsessions under the backdrop of the European Union.

Short film


One last gasp of freedom before engagement.



What if the only way to escape from your problems... was through a screen?

Short film


How far would you go to achieve fame?

Short film


Everybody has a way of finding happiness.

Cortometraje, Short film

I am Love

And you? Are you made of love?

Cortometraje, Short film

Show Time

Don’t let record.

Cortometraje, Short film

Stand Prohibited

A story of two generations struggling to defend what's theirs.

Cortometraje, Short film

Warm Winters

A homeless finds a way to turn his cold winters warm.

Cortometraje, Short film

Mr. Trance

Mr Trance can’t imagine that not paying his taxes could become his biggest nightmare.

Cortometraje, Short film