The Memory of Water

The only way out is love

Javier is an architect and Amanda is an English-Spanish interpreter. They are a young couple who love each other, but they share the great pain of the death of their only child who died a year ago. This immense pain has fractured their relationship and despite their deep love for each other, they are unable to overcome the immense loss.

The possibility of reuniting arises and they know that the decision could change the course of their lives forever.

Year: 2015
Direction: Matías Bize
Movie script: Matías Bize
Producer: Carlo D’Ursi
Production: Potenza Producciones, in co-production with Ceneca Films. With the support of RTVE and the ICAA-MECD.

Amanda: Elena Anaya
Javier: Benjamín Vicuña
Mónica: Silvia Marty
Carmen: Alba Flores

La memoria del agua - Cartel español

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