European Union

A story of encounters, coincidences and obsessions under the backdrop of the European Union.

During a EU committee meeting, Luca and Tomás meet. Their countries, Spain and Italy, defend opposing positions, and they don’t get along very well, but they are united by some strange coincidences: tics, tastes, health problems … What begins as a chance encounter in the Canary Islands ends in another meeting, this time not by chance, in Bari, where them, two strangers have to face the possibility that they may not be so strange. 

Year: 2006
Duration: 19 minutes
Genre: Drama
Direction: Andrés Koppel
Producer: Carlo D’Ursi
Movie Script: Andrés Koppel (original idea of Carlo D’Ursi)

Luca: Carlo D’Ursi
Tomás: Asier Etxeandia


♣ KaraFilm (Pakistan)
♣ Bolzano (Italy)
♣ Calasparra (Spain)
♣ Arcipelago (Italy)
♣ Spanish Screenings Australia (Australia)
♣ Elche (Spain)
♣ Market Clermont-Ferrand (France)
♣ Madridimagen (Spain)
♣ Cambrils (Spain)
♣ Mediterranean Film Tetouan (Morocco)
♣ RIFF Festival of Rome (Italy)
♣ Terrassa (Spain)
♣ Genoa (Italy)
♣ The Accolade Awards (United States)
♣ Film Fest Levante Bari (Italy)
♣ Festival Kiev (Ukraine)
♣ October Short Arnedo (Spain)
♣ International Film Festival of Cuba (Cuba)
♣ international film festival Lanzarote (Spain)
♣ Paris Tout Court (France)
♣ Rodinia Festival (Spain)
♣ Historical Film Festival
♣ Kingdom of León (Spain)


♣ The Accolade Awards (Los Angeles)
♣ Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Sardegna (Italy)
♣ Polywood Film Festival, 2nd prize (Italy)