The Last Flight of the Flamingo

Death, mystery and seduction in the wild Mozambique.

In the Mozambican village of Tizangara, the UN peacekeepers work to maintain the peace after years of civil war. Five explosions end up with the life of five soldiers, from whom only remain intact their genitalia and blue helmets. Massimo Risi, the Italian lieutenant stationed in Maputo, capital of Mozambique, arrives in town to investigate the incident. With the help of Joaquim, a local translator, Massimo undertakes the investigation into a mystery that makes him understand that, on this land, everything is not what it seems to be.

Year: 2010
Duration: 90 minutes

Genre: Historical thriller
Director: Joao Ribeiro
Movie Script: Joao Ribiero & Luis Galvao Teles
Producers: Carlo D’Ursi, Gonçalo Galvao, Joao Ribeiro

Massimo: Carlo D’Ursi
Joaquim: Elliot Alex
Estevao Jonas: Alberto Magassela
Sulplício: Matias Xavier
Ana Deusqueira: Adriana Alves

♣ World premiere at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Cinema du Monde section
♣ Selected in the African Film Festival of Tarifa
♣ Chosen Pousan Festival. South Korea, official competitive section
♣ Selected in the Douro Harvest Film Festival. Portugal
♣ Selected in the Montreal Film Festival. Section Focus on World
♣ Official selection at the International African Festival. Nigeria
♣ Selected in the Pan-African Festival of Cannes.
♣ Selected in the International Festival of Kenya.
♣ Best Film Award at the International Festival of Luanda. Angola
♣ Chosen Festival Göteborg. Sweden
♣ Selected African Festival in Leuven. Belgium


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