With You, With You and Without Me

Amaya has filmed the four love relationships that have marked her life. They covered the last 20 years, from her first love at the age of 18 to her current 38.

Faced with the desire to become a mother, she writes an audiovisual letter to her future children. She takes us on a journey into her past that explores the phases of love and the challenges of long-distance relationships, where illusions collide with frustrations and guilt.

The film combines documentary and animation, the real and intimate with the expressive.

An apparently personal and intimate film, where the turn and evolution of the protagonist can also be read from an anthropological or political point of view, reflecting the changing role of women in intimate relationships.

Year: 2023

Director: Amaya Villar Navascués

Script: Amaya Villar Navascués

Producer: Carlo D’Ursi


Amaya Villar Navascués

♣ Selected on Sección Enfoques from Abycine Festival 2023

♣ Selected on Sección (D)Eterna Juventud from Rizoma Festival 2023

The Quiet Maid