What if the only way to escape from your problems... was through a screen?

A video log to talk, to relieve, to feel alive, but … What if on the other side there was someone who really needs help and isn’t a psychopath, but only someone living a hell?

Year: 2009
Duration: 10 minutes

Genre: Social Drama
Direction and movie script: Valerio Boserman
Producer: Carlo D’Ursi

With the special participation in the role of Elena: Yohana Cobo (Award for Best Actress at Cannes for Volver (Pedro Almodóvar, 2006))
Magda: Lola Baldrich

Marc: Álvaro Monje
Mario: Pablo Viña
Juan: Carlo D’Ursi

• International Film Festival Orotava (Spain)
• Seminci (Spain)
• X Short Film Shows Pasaia, IKUSKA 2008 (Spain)
• Young Filmmakers Festival Ciudad de Zaragoza (Spain)
• Short Festival Ciudad Real (Spain)
• Cinemad 2008 (Spain)
• Il Popolo delle Ortiche (Italy)
• FIC Móstoles (Spain)
• Rodinia Festival (Spain)
• FIC Torrelavega (Spain)
• Maremetraggio Film Festival (Italy)
• Festival historic Kingdom of León (Spain)
• International Film Festival Huesca (Spain)
• Alicante Film Festival (Spain)
• Festival of Digital Cinema Industry (Spain)
• In the Palace International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria)
• Alpinale Filmfestival Nenzing (Austria)
• Film Festival of Elche (Spain)
• The Audiovisual Cabra (Spain)
• City Film Festival Astorga (Spain)
• Alpinale Short Film Festival (Austria)
• Film Festival Madrid – PNR (Spain)
• Pamplona Film Festival (Spain)
• Cineglobe (Switzerland)

•    Madridimagen (Spain)
•    Festival Internacional de Viña del Mar (Chile)
•    Salento Finibusterrae (Italy)

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