Warm Winters

A homeless finds a way to turn his cold winters warm.

Andrés is a tramp sleeping in some cardboards to keep out the cold and the threat of the big city. But he will find a way to live a warm winter at the bank around the corner. To carry out his plan he’ll just need a suit and a briefcase. 

Year: 2009
Duration: 7 minutes

Genre: Comedy
Direction and movie script: Miguel Aguirre
Producers: Carlo D’Ursi, Miguel Aguirre

Homeless: Mariano Aguirre

– First Prize in the European Short Film Festival Ciudad Real
– Selected in the Film Festival Salento Finibus Terrae
– Finalist for Best “I cut” of VI Contest Visualia. Brunete
– Selected in the 11th Film Festival Navalcarnero humor.
– Selected for the 2010 Prix Italia Nickelodeon.
– Chosen Curtopía Itinerant Youth Section 2010 Ciudad de Vigo.

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