YALLA (expression): COME ON, HURRY UP... RUN

Mufid a 14-year-old boy, plays football with his friends. He misses a shot and makes the ball disappear behind a hill. He doesn’t want to go looking for it, but he knows he will.

When he enters in the area guarded by a military drone, he discovers that Amina has taken his ball. Mufid tries to recover it. Hassan removes the ball from the teenagers and throws it into some ruins; inside, a big secret. The drone is put on alert. Mufid get out of the ruins with the ball, but the drone is not sure about that. Mufid becomes a new target. A big explosion will end everything.

Year: 2020
Runtime: 10 minutes

Director: Carlo D’Ursi
Screenplay: Carlo D’Ursi and Sergio Barrejón
Producers: Carlo D’Ursi and Borja Pena

Mufid- Javier Córdoba

Amina- Sofía Haouali

Hassan- Ahmed Younoussi

Adel- Badar Bennaji

Brahim- Son Khouri

Goalkeeper- Mohamed Batan

♣ Selected in the Medina del Campo Film Week Festival


The Experiment. Bruclín Madrid