Best blows are those you don't see coming

César is a self-made man, the founder of a large company. He has, however, become a caricature of the great man he once was. As a boss, César is a suspicious, foul-mouthed, irritable, alcoholic coke addict

César begins his week fighting on many fronts: a treacherous embezzlement that threatens the survival of his company; a wife who has kicked him out and wants a divorce; a son that wants nothing to do with him.

His only ally will be ARIANA, a Colombian cleaner that works the night shift. Carefree, vitalist and stoic, Ariana offers Cesar a different point of view and an unexpected friendship.

With Ariana, César will find what is really important in life.


Year: 2018

Runtime: 89′

Director: Sergio Barrejón

Screenplay: Natxo Lopez, Marta Sofía Martins

Producers: Carlo D’Ursi, Mª Luisa Gutiérrez

Coproducers: Luís GalvãoTeles, Gonçalo GalvãoTeles

César – Luis Callejo

Ariana – Juana Acosta

Gómez – Carlo D’Ursi

Javier – Josean Bengoetxea

Teresa – Bárbara Santa-Cruz

Jimena – Maica Barroso

Charly – Adam Jezierski

Garrido – Sergio Quintana

Diego – Teo Planell

♣ Official Selection, Málaga Film Festival. Málaga Premiere Section

♣ Nominated for Best Adapted Script. Goya Awards 2019.

♣ Nominated for Best Adapted Script. Cinema Writers Circle (CEC) 2019.


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