Everybody has a way of finding happiness.

Shortly after the Spanish Civil War, in a context of tremendous poverty, a prestigious doctor is assigned to a small village in the Alcarria. Only one person is willing to accommodate him at home: a woman whom the whole village takes as crazy. However, it takes just one day for the doctor to find at her home the happiness, the comfort and the peace lacking in those times of suffering. It is time for him to ask himself whether it’s crazier, its host or its environment.

Year: 2007
Length: 12 minutes

Genre: Historical drama
Direction: M. Aguirre & M. Fettolini
Producer: Carlo D’Ursi
Movie script: M. Aguirre & M. Fettolini, bassed in the book of Ana María Matute

Don Lorenzo: Carlo D’Ursi
The crazy woman: Mari Cruz de los Ríos

♣ 2007 Film Festival Young Filmmakers Ciudad de Zaragoza (Spain)
♣ Stills in Short (Spain)
♣ Arcipelago Film Festival (Italy)
♣ Molise Film Festival (Italy)
♣ International Digital Film Festival Sector (Madrid, Spain)
♣ Solidarity Film Festival of Guadalajara (Spain)
♣ World Tour of the Spanish Agency for Cultural Cooperation AECID (Spain)
♣ Cinespaña 2008 (France)
♣ New Directors Platform of Madrid (Spain)
♣ International Short Film Festival University of La Laguna (Spain)
♣ Il Popolo delle Ortiche (Italy)
♣ International Short Film Week San Roque (Spain)
♣ Rodinia Festival (Spain)
♣ I Premiered on Fox TV

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