One rainy afternoon, Ophelia wanders the streets looking for her cat. Or perhaps is she running from someone?

A stormy afternoon… Screams, nerves and a door slam. In the middle of a discussion between her parents, Ofelia (7) flees to the street looking for her cat, that has just escaped. Both of them will wander the streets under a heavy rain. For Ofelia, anything is better that enduring her daily hell of a home… 

Year: 2009
Duration: 10 minutes

Genre: Social drama
Direction: Anita Sinkovic
Movie Script: Jacobo Rispa & Javier Gancedo
Producers: Carlo D’Ursi, Sergio Rispa
Executive producer: Jacobo Rispa

Ofelia: Miriam Martín
Madre: Ana Turpin
Padre: Jesús Fuerte

♣ Pontine Festival of Cortometraggio
♣ Mieres Film Festival
♣ XIX International Film Shows Palencia 2010
♣ Festival of films made by women of Tres Cantos
♣ Film Festival “With a pair of heels.” Alcorcón
♣ VIII Competition Semifinalist in short of Vilamoura.
♣ Chosen Film Festival Salento Finibus Terrae. (Italy)
♣ Marathon Festival short shorts Orotava
♣ Included in the show circuit shorts Mr Misto, associated OFestivalON Ribadeo in which was selected.
♣ Selected in the “National Panorama” of the X International Short Film Festival La Boca del Lobo. Madrid
♣ Selected in the special program of the 25th European Short Film Festival Brest. France
♣ Short Film Festival short stacks. Seville
♣ Selected in the 4th Film Festival L’Aquila. Italy.
♣ Selected for the international competition of the 26th Berlin Interfilm Festival.
♣ II Iberoamerican Short Film Festival ABC. Competitive section.
♣ Chosen 9th edition of Reggio Film Festival. Italy
♣ Selected in the National Short Video Contest IX International Short Film Festival “Almería en corto 10”
♣ Best Short Video Section. XIII International Short Film Festival of Vila-real CINECULPABLE 2010
♣ official competition section at CUT 2010. XIV Short Film Festival Vitoria-Gasteiz
♣ Finalist in the II Region of Murcia HD Festival.
♣ Finalist in the XVII Festival of independent film and cult Cinemad 10. Madrid
♣ Official Selection of the 5th International Short Film Festival @ s Villacañas Aten. Toledo.
♣ Official Video Section. XV Young Film Contest Video Irun.

♣ Best Director Award at the Short Film Festival short stacks.
♣ HORN Award for Best Sound. Cinemad Festival 10. Madrid