The last paediatrician of Aleppo

TABIB shows us the last minutes of life of the paediatrician Mohammed Wasim, the chaos and desperation of doctors and nurses due to the bombing alarm in the Al Quds Hospital (Aleppo, Syria).

Despite the general hysteria, Mohammed doesn’t run, he walks securely towards a door. He steps into a operating room, where there are only two nurses and one little 9 years old kid, lying with a serious injury next to his hearth. Kid’s life is in danger and Mohammed will risks everything to try to save him.

Year: 2017
Runtime: 8′

Director: Carlo D’Ursi
Screenplay: Carlo D’Ursi y Ana Puentes
Producer: Carlo D’Ursi

Mohamed Wasim – Josean Bengoetxea

Children – Son Khouri

Nurse – Marta Romero

Nurse – Jimena La Motta

Militar – Juan Martín Gravina

♣ Selected in the Málaga Festival.
♣ Selected in the Medina del Campo Film Week Festival
♣ Selected in the Comunidad de Madrid Short film Week. Telemadrid Award and Best Sound
♣ Selected in the l’Alfàs del Pi Film Festival
♣ Selected in the Elche International and Independent Film Festival – FICIE
♣ Selected in the Guadalajara Solidary Film Festival – FESCIGU