On a hot summer day, Mario, a cook caught up in routine, makes the mistake of forgetting his one-year-old son Enzo in the car. This oversight triggers a tragedy that will forever mark the lives of Mario and his wife, Esther. As Mario faces a trial that goes beyond human justice, Esther plunges into an ocean of resentment and despair, searching for a forgiveness that is hard to come by. Although Mario is eventually released, a wound has been opened so difficult to heal that it causes the love that sustained his relationship with Esther to slowly fade away. The pursuit of forgiveness becomes their only hope to cope with the loss of Enzo.

Year: 2023

Directors: Gala Gracia, Guillermo Garavito Amado

Producer: Carlo D’Ursi

Scriptwriters: Gala Gracia, Guillermo Garavito Amado

DOP: Sandra Formatger Martinez

Production Designer: Selma  Al-hamouti López

Editor: Irene Vecchio

Carlo D’Ursi is MARIO

Ruth Díaz is ESTHER

Enzo Aguilar D’Ursi is ENZO

Short Films Official Selection at Málaga Film Festival 2024 – Out of Competition

Ciao Bambina