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Don’t let record.

A couple of tourists in Madrid record with their camera everything they see. Walking to their hotel at night, they cross a man who runs away from a mugger. They keep recording. The mugger beats up the man and leaves him unconscious. They keep recording. The robber attacks the woman. Her boyfriend keeps recording. While the woman’s on the floor, the boyfriend pounces on the robber. His girlfriend keeps recording… until the end. 

Year: 2008
Duration: 12 minutes

Genre: Black comedy
Direction: Frédéric Massot
Movie Script: Frédéric Massot & Carlo D’Ursi
Producer: Carlo D’Ursi

Él: Carlo D’Ursi
Ella: Viviana Strambelli


♣ International Independent Film Festival of Elche (Spain)
♣ ABYCINE (Spain)
♣ Cinespaña (France)
♣ IX International Short Film Festival La Boca del Lobo (Spain)
♣ International Short Film Festival in Villafranca (Spain)
♣ Cinemad 2008 (Spain)
♣ Rodinia Festival (Spain)
♣ Rome Independent Film Festival (Italy)
♣ FIB ABC (Spain)
♣ Sonar Film Festival (Italy)
♣ Astorga Film Festival (Spain)
♣ Benalmádena Film Festival (Spain)